About Watson Wellness

Watson Wellness was born out of our parent company Breathe International - A brand that produces and distributes health and wellness products. Such as oils, supplements, gummies, cosmetics and vapes.

So we thought, why stop there? In a world where health and wellness is becoming more relevant than ever, we wanted to extend our range beyond what we have. Thats where we started with a range of one of New Zealands iconic exports: Manuka Honey as well as Me | Today.

Through family ties in New Zealand, we found Me | Today, a stunning wellness brand that focuses on many vegan friendly products, including men's and women's daily supplements and skincare. Premium skincare and supplements products are a booming industry in this day and age, Me | Today focuses on vegan/vegetarian natural alternatives (where possible) for a better you tomorrow.

While Dr Watson is our first and home brand, Watson Wellness's goal is to bring the best health and wellness products from naturally occurring sources, from around the world - to the UK.  

Me|Today Beautiful Range


About our Product Ranges

Dr Watson Manuka Honey

Watson Wellness specialises in health and wellness products where the core ingredient comes from the earth - Manuka Honey is a gift from New Zealand with naturally occurring wellness properties. 

Manuka Honey is produced from the nectar of the Manuka Tree, which is the native Maori name for the tree in New Zealand. We have three amazing flavours of drops, Natural Honey Bee flavour with propolis, Ginger and Echinacea, and Lemon. These drops are 11% Manuka Honey in the centre which seeps out actively works with your body using its natural wellness properties.

Sam Watson (Our founder) & his uncle Dr Richard Watson are both native Kiwi's, which gave us the inspiration to bring these tasty Manuka Honey Drops from New Zealand over to here. Buying good quality Manuka Honey online is not an easyand you have to know what youre looking for. Our high quality drops are...


Me | Today Brand

As the saying goes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. And nothing has felt truer in our world today. Being busy is a daily reality.

Despite having the ability to say no, we find ourselves pre-programmed to say ‘yes’, time and time again, and being a yes person takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. The more we squeeze into our daily lives, the more it can feel like we’re crawling, just trying to make it across the finish line. And that’s not a sustainable way to live.

But the funny thing is when life says slow down, we say no. Why? Because we don’t want to. Life shouldn’t force us to compromise or make sacrifices. We want to live our best life in our own way. Instead of slowing down, me | today believes in stepping up.

Dr Watson CBD Wellness Me Today Beauty & Supplements Buy Today online UK Energy Strength

‍We say it’s okay to want more, from your life and from your body. Which is why we created a range of premium products based on scientific and traditional evidence to help you unlock your best tomorrow.

Me | Today are proud to say their range of skincare is cruelty free, contains no parabens, sls/sles or phthalates and is rich in botanicals, antioxidants & vitamins. Our supplements are made from premium quality formulas with highly absorbable ingredients and are effective & easy to swallow.

Yes, our lives are a jumble of commitments, pressures and fun, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We say don’t live each day as they come, live for the future. We want you to be able to live your best life, so you can be here for others.

Unlock your best tomorrow with me | today.