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Save big with our bundles collections with multiple buy products at any one time. These are perfect for buying vegan friendly supplements at reduced rates for yourself, family & friends or partners. 

Me | Today Supplements are filled with science backed multivitamins, minerals and herbs that have been used in western culture for thousands of years - with the bundles you can get 3 and save £15.00.

Me | Today Lotions and cosmetics are also vegan friendly and cruelty free with a very light feel on the skin. The subtle and slightly sweet aromas are not overwhelming and make a perfect gift for yourself, or your partners.

Dr Watson Manuka Honey Drops are great for supporting general wellness & immune systems. With 11% New Zealand Manuka Honey, these are great for battling winter struggles. 

Me | Today Hand care package is great for those that have struggled with dry hands, particularly in times of coronavirus. These vegan friendly sanitiser, hand wash, lotion & cream are all you need to keep your hands clean and soft wherever you go.

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